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Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Garden In August

Our garden has done well in spite of the heat and the lack of rain this summer.

The Black-eyed Susan's and the Purple Cone Flowers have been the mainstay of the garden this year.  They have just bloomed and bloomed all summer.

The wee yellow finches just love our coneflowers...they sit on the seed heads and eat away...

This is feverfew, though it looks like chamomile!  This stem is laying on it's side.

The bird bath was dry but by evening the Lord sent the rain and it is full now...

I am having a brain freeze at the moment and cannot remember what this plant is!  It looks very nice planted below my Zephirine Drouhin Rose.

I have this white hibiscus in the front garden.  It grows so big, that I keep it trimmed so it is like a standard with the branches coming up and over the front walk...

Aren't they lovely blooms?

My chair has enjoyed being red this has added so much to the garden.

The Aster is beginning to bloom....a reminder that Autumn is on it's way.  With the cooler temperatures that are expected this week, it will be easy to believe!

My goldmound spira is happy in the garden.  This lovely chartreuse colored shrub, blooms several times in the spring and summer! 

The boxwood has really grown this year - I will be doing a bit of shaping when the holidays roll around!

There are a few daisy hanging on around here...they bloom and bloom all summer.

Can you see the butterfly hanging on the bloom of the Butterfly bush?  If you want to have butterflies, and hummingbirds around your home, plant one of these easy to grow bushes.  You can cut the blossoms and use them in 'country' flower bouquets!

This jungle is our tomato plants!  Let me tell you we have learned that they need a lot more room next year!  But they are giving us wonderful tomatoes to eat, and make salsa and to use in salad and on burgers and to share!

In Sarah's basket are Brandywine, Lemon Boy, Tiny Tim, Sweet 100's, some other kind that has a German name and grows in grapelike clusters!

The Lemon Boy's are low acid type can also see yellow squash in her basket!

It has been wonderful for our whole family to have this garden this year.  We are going to make it bigger next year, and we have learned to plant things sooner rather than later!  

How is your garden growing?


  1. I planted a pineapple sage herb this year and it has grown into a beautiful bush! Smells divine when I touch it's leaves.

    Lantana, lemon black-eyed susan vine, butterfly bushes, lavender, crape myrtles, hybrid blue morning glory and roses blooming prolific are in my garden right now! No vegies. I just don't have the ability to make a tilled garden spot right now. How I wish I had one with white picket fencing, staked beans, herbs and annuals planted in a orderly fashion, with a small water feature close to a garden bench.

    Your flowers are lovely and the vegies are a treat, I'm sure...

  2. Lovely picture. your flowers are very pretty.

  3. Twinkle,

    I adore black-eyed susan vine! I have grown it the last several years, but not this year...I did find some seeds so perhaps next year!

  4. It was fun to watch the finch get a snack on the cone flowers yesterday.

    Becky K.

  5. We have enjoyed our garden this year as well, and will also be expanding next year. All we have left are the tomato plants. Our corn didn't fair well, and the squirrels were after our corn constantly. We'll have to figure out what to do about that for next year as well.

  6. Thanks for sharing these photos! Beautiful!

  7. I like the new fall background on your blog! Sunday morning, there were a flock of geese flying south. I'm wondering if we are in for an early winter in PA.


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