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Thursday, October 30, 2014

A Rhythm To My Days

 I am not a scheduled, organized person.  I don't have a set routine for my days.  Partly this is due to my husbands work schedule, and partly due to how God designed me.  I am very flexible with my daily routines.

This has allowed me to be able to set aside what we are doing and go and help someone, if necessary.  It allows me to volunteer to help a friend move her store, take a day out to shop with my married daughter, go to my friends house for Home Ec (instead of here).  These are examples of what has taken place just this week.

 I had so much fun helping a friend move her store from one building to another just down the street.  Tim helped out too - he and my friends' husband moved all that furniture, and much of the product.  Lindsay and I helped for a few hours on our day out, then went off to lunch and shopping.  It was so fun.

 We stopped by a favorite pottery shop, and drooled over pieces we'd love to have.  We love homemade pottery.

 All that running around meant that the kids had a mini vacation at my parents for two days and one night.  This also meant that I was the only one home to feed the horses.  So as I drove up to the house I stopped by the barn and turned my high beams on. This was about 7 O'clock in the evening.
(Note the wood pile waiting to be chopped)

Yesterday, we did our Home Ec class at our friends' house.  The girls were learning to make wreaths.  It was fun.  

They did a great job.  Sorry about the photos, I use my phone and the lighting wasn't great yesterday as it was a rainy day.

 This morning I took photos of Sarah's wreath

and Rachel's.  Didn't they do a great job?  I love to see their creativity.

This last photos is just for fun.  Rachel tucked her hair up under the hat, and it was amazing to see what it would look like if she cut her hair.  It's cute but a huge change from her long hair!

I like having a flexible rhythm to my days.  It allows me freedom and the ability to be available to serve others, when needed.

Are you a tightly scheduled person?  A free spirit?  A balance of both?


  1. Nice to see photos of your flex days. Did you see the photographer so nicely framed in the mirror? Your leaves are pretty and the wreaths are nice! We also run flexible schedules--it would be hard for me to have too rigid of a routine. Maybe that came from working different days every week.

  2. I am like you and enjoy my flexible schedule. Those wreaths are very pretty and each one is different. Is that a photo of you reflected in the mirror? I exercise at a health club 3 times a week, but it can be any 3 days, except Sunday for church.

  3. Each wreath turned out so different and so pretty!

    I am no a tightly scheduled person. :)

  4. I love the wreaths ! I am very flexible, do not think I would do well with a schedule !

  5. such a creative rhythm ..
    love it all. :)

  6. Your friend's shop, even partially set up, looks like my kind of place. Yes, the girls did a wonderful job with their wreaths. Very nice! My days are very unstructured except for mealtimes. =D

  7. My schedule is flexible, too. Being a teacher on call means I have to be ready to drop my plans and get to school.
    You've had a full and interesting week.


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