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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Homemade Gifts: From The Heart

Monday I made a quick trip to a local craft store for some sketch books.  In our Home Economics class, I was going to teach the girls about scrapbook journaling, and we needed sketch books.  

I always have to check out the yarn section of the store - I am addicted to fabric and fibers!  

This yarn caught my eye and I bought a skein as it was on clearance.  The colors in the yarn are favorites of several of my girls, and the pattern that came with the yarn was so simple.  I'll share it with you.

Cast on three stitches.  Knit only until you come to the end of the yarn!  That's it.  Three stitches across. The scarf is about three inches wide and about four feet long.

I am having a blast working on these gifts.  It is only 9 weeks until Christmas, so I am glad that I have these projects underway.

I need to finish Kamryn's quilt.  Here is a photo of the fabrics used in her quilt.

I did buy material for a dress for Kamryn also, and I have plans to sew pillow cases as gifts, as well as some new aprons.  

Do you make homemade gifts for family and friends for the holidays or birthdays?  I'd love if you would share your ideas in the comments.  I love to be inspired!


  1. Great find on the clearance rack!!
    I have made lots of gifts in the past, not as many in recent years. I am in a mild panic today as I realize that Christmas is not that many weeks away and I have hardly given it a thought. I need to give it some thoughts!

  2. Hey, I think even I could handle knitting a scarf like that. :) I may have to try it. I left all my knitting needles and yarn behind in FL though.
    The quilt is looking good too.

  3. I LOVE to make gifts! So far I have knit my daughter a cowl and I have been crocheting a blanket for my little man. I'm hoping to finish a couple of pairs of fingerless mitts and a couple of more cowls.
    I have been thinking about making some pillowcases too. :-)


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