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Friday, October 10, 2014

Home Keeping: Outdoor decor

I took some quick photos the other day, after we went to get pumpkins and mums.

 This year, I could solve the drought in California.  Just let me come out and put a table cloth on an outdoor table!  Everytime I do it rains.

 It's the rare person who comes to our front door, so I wanted to do a nice display by the kitchen door.

Artsy shot…
Love the way the sun is shining in on this photo of the lamppost area out in the front garden.

Do you add decor outside of your home?  

Are you like our neighbors who go all out for every season?  Giant spiders, or Turkeys or Santas?  Bunnies with eggs all over the yard? Or do you prefer a more subtle decor?


  1. Beautiful! I love the colour of your door :)

  2. I love your fall decor! I have the opposite no one sees my back patio as we have a privacy fence, but I think I will decorate it for myself anyway!

  3. No giant inflatables at our house! There is a home not too far from us that always has the latest and biggest (and lots of them!) inflatables. :)

    Your outdoor decor is lovely!! Look out...they'll be calling for you in California now that you've announced this special gift...

  4. I prefer "subtle" :)
    I chuckled over your comment linking rain to an outdoor tablecloth....
    How I'd love to come to your kitchen door this week and see your decor first-hand!

  5. Haha! I love your solution for drought. :-)

    Your decorations are gorgeous! I am of the subtle variety. :-) Our lease strictly prohibits excessive yard decorations! :-)

    I was very excited to find nice size mums at our local farm for $2!

  6. If I had a giant spider, neither Christopher nor his wife would come near my home. ;)

    I've been looking out my deck and seeing everything at the end of its' natural life. Even the flowers that usually do well in the autumn are withering.

    I think it is ALL THE RAIN! Not that I am complaining mind you... but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

  7. I prefer subtle. A pot of yellow mums is sitting on a chair beside the front door (the only one we use) and a planter of pansies is on the little metal table on the other side of the porch. That's about it. Your fall touches are lovely.

  8. subtle! :) Usually cornstalks and a hay bale but this year the flowers are still blooming so I have let it be the way it is :)

    Yours looks great.

  9. Same here! Everytime I wash the house windows, it rains!

  10. I love this. I tried to do a fall vignette on the porch this year because I have a glaring, gaping corner where a swing or something ought to be. I haven't shown it because every time I take a picture, it looks bare and I'm prideful.

    (I added that last part because it's the ugly truth and I need to acknowledge it. Hangs my head...)

    Also, I have two black thumbs when it comes to mums. Really, I buy and murder them every year. I'm trying yet again this year. So far, they are still alive. They aren't thriving, but they aren't dying yet.

    I like homey fall decorations outside. I love yours.


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