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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Few Days Away

We got Tim's mom on her flight home, and headed out for a few days away.

Tim is taking a certification course for septic inspections(doesn't that sound fun?), and I am along because he wanted my company!  Yay, me!

Two nights away in a nice hotel?  Time to myself?

Win - Win.

It's the perfect recharge that I need.  We'll be starting school in a few weeks, Nate and Kayleigh get married in 8 weeks, Tim is making changes with work (more on that later).  After these few days, I'll be good to go.  At least that's my plan.


  1. Yay, you, indeed!!

    May you have a delightful time of refreshment and recharging. May the Lord speak to you in the quiet. Rejoicing with you as He has supplied this gift. Hugs...

  2. We own a plumbing shop so I'm glad he's taking the course. We need decent inspectors...Hope he does well!
    Enjoy your time of just doing Nothing!

  3. when my husband traveled for business i ♥'d tagging along, staying in fancy hotels, and spending the day reading, people watching, writing, and resting. enjoy your time - i know you will. :)

  4. Enjoy your re-charging time. We all need that from time to time.

  5. God bless your time away! It sounds like a God plan.

  6. Enjoy your time away! It sounds good!

  7. Oh, good for you! (The little getaway I had anticipated this week at the National Convention of our denomination dissolved when a gentleman from our church died and funeral is scheduled for Friday.) One of the blessings of being a pastoral couple is being able to stand with our beloved church family in times of sorrow.

  8. ENJOY!! ENJOY!! ENJOY! you have a busy schedule ahead! Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement!.


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