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Thursday, July 9, 2015


A certain girl, full of joy, is going to be 13 in a few days.  She told me that she'd like to get a haircut.  Now, its important to know that she has really long hair - past her waist.

She and I went today and got our haircut.

 They cut 16 inches off!  We are looking into Locks of Love.

 I took my photo late this evening, thus the grainy photo.  I like it.  Natural curls, some layers, equals a fun summer haircut.


  1. adorable girlie with a new do... both of you!
    i've slowly been cutting my hair and on hot days consider shaving it. wink.

  2. Her hair looks great and donating is a wonderful thing to do. My daughter did the same a couple of years ago. Please be careful with Locks of Love, i know lots of families whose children have had cancer and several time I have read that there is a problem with the way locks of Love works. I wish I could remember the article but it definitely said to think of using a different organization. If you Google it then it should come up. God bless xxx

  3. or … she could save it for her grandkids to tell them the story of Rapunzel. :-) You both look great!

  4. Sarah is growing into such a lovely young lady!! (Thirteen!!?? What??)
    Both of you look splendid in your new "do"s!

  5. Looking great down there! Sarah looks 16 and so do you!

  6. Oh, I like the haircut, the cause, and Isn't She a CUTIE! :-)


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