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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cottage Tea Towel

 Am I bad that I didn't iron it first?

It's adorable right?  

It came in a set of three (the other two have blueberries on one and raspberries on the other).  I bought them yesterday in a cute store in New Oxford, PA.  Rachel and I went out antiquing yesterday.  I also found cute metal chairs for $10 a piece, and they came home with me, too.  They are a dark green right now but they are going to be red.  As soon as I paint them, I'll show you.

We are having sunshine for the second day in a row!  Amazing!


  1. Oh girl, that is a cute towel! I don't iron anything:) The sun was shining yesterday and it looks like it will show itself again today! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Adorable! New tea towels always make me smile. They are little, but pack such a cheerful punch. Sounds like a fun day...

  3. I love metal chairs AND I love red...good combination! The towel is adorable as I'm sure the others are too. Sounds like some good deals!

  4. You just need a bottle of wrinkle release when you don't want to iron. I hardly ever want to iron. It is a very cute tea towel and perfect for June. 🍓 Blueberries in July? Raspberries in August? Chairs? Looking forward to seeing their transformation.

  5. As soon as you dry something with it the wrinkles will increase! But I do admit that I like to iron linen dishtowels and have them look so crisp---but yes, with fold marks. Great finds!

  6. That is adorable! I have several vintage tea towels with a strawberry theme, but have not seen one just like this. Perfect for the season!


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