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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Demo Days and Dreaming Of Plans

Our very good friends, who moved to New York state about five years ago for work, have moved back home to Pennsylvania!  To say we are excited is an understatement!

They found a great property, but the house needed to be gutted.  Don is a visionary and knew it could be a great house, but it would require some sacrifice on all their parts.  So right now while the 'Demo' phase is happening, they are living in camping trailers on their property.

Saturday, we took the kids and went to help out.  When I say we helped out I mean that Tim, Kyle and Sarah helped them with the actual physical labor!

The task for the day we were there was to clean up after all the demo that had been taking place.  They got that place totally cleared out!  Amazing!

This house was originally built as a hunting/get away home, and over the years it was added on to.  It has very low ceilings, too. The next step is to build up the foundation, so all the rooms are even (some are a step down or up), and then to remove the roof, to raise the walls so the ceilings will be 9 feet instead of 6 feet 9 inches!  

The plans for the house are to keep the existing footprint and have a nice three bedroom home with an open concept for the living room, kitchen and dining space.

The home has some beautiful bones in the landscaping and a lovely flagstone patio, and some stone garden walls.  All of this will be kept, but some work is required as the plantings are all overgrown!

These girls have been friends for 12 years this summer!  I was expecting Kyle when our families became friends!  Now we are 'family.'

 This kid is learning to work hard, too!

While they were accomplishing all this physical labor, we ladies were walking the property discussing which trees will stay, which need to go, plans for future projects outdoors, and looked at the house plans and talked and dreamed of colors, and decor, and all that kind of fun stuff.  

We also made sure there was plenty of food and drink to keep everyone energized.

As a family we are so happy to be a part of helping our friends make a new home back in Pennsylvania!

Welcome home, friends!


  1. How exciting for your families to be reconnected! They have good plans and lots of vision. I hope you'll keep us updated on their progress . . . with your friends' permission, of course. :)

  2. What a big project! Glad that your family could help theirs. It's what friendships are all about.

  3. Words cannot express our gratitude! It's great to have friends who can grasp the vision!

  4. It's good to be able to help others, you get a blessing in return. Sounds like the house is going to turn out very nice.

  5. I love this! All of the friendship, work, and vision and the welcome home part too!

  6. Wow! I can only imagine the work -- and camaraderie ♥

  7. looks like a scene from that fixer upper program!
    how lovely that your friends are making home in
    your area once again. sweet indeed.


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