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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Kamryn!

Can you believe my granddaughter is seven today?

Me, either!

 She had a big year!  She gained a girl cousin and a baby sister in the space of 24 hours last fall!  

She's a great girl.  Bright, sweet, strong-willed, loving, loyal, tenderhearted.

Kamryn, I love you so much.  Happy, Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday, Kamryn! How blessed to have a cousin and sister the same day!

  2. Happy, happy birthday to your Kamryn!! Wow . . . seven years old!

  3. She's a beauty with a beautiful smile. Happy Birthday to her!

  4. If I ever think time isn't passing quickly, I just have to looks at kid's photos! She is such a big girl now.


  5. She looks like a confident and happy big sister/cousin. I love that you homeschool her!


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