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Saturday, June 17, 2017

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Today, I'll be mowing - I did it on Monday, and should have done it again on Thursday but we were busy and yesterday we had friends over for a play date.  Kamryn's friend Trinity came for birthday cupcakes and fun, and her older brothers came and played with Kyle.  We let them eat cupcakes, too!  They are great kids and we had a good afternoon!  Their mama and I had a great time visiting, too!  Fun times!

Sarah had gone with her bff Laura, who happens to be our son in law Joseph's sister, to an art gallery.  They were celebrating Laura's birthday.  They had lunch out, too.  Sarah had so much fun.  They got back and spent time with our guests and when Laura left, I took Sarah to a party with her co-op friends.

Tim's had a busy week of work, and has a few things planned for today.  He's going to weed wack along the creek and all the places I can't get with the mower, and he's getting a load of hay today.  Otherwise it will be a more relaxed weekend for him, and I'm glad.  
Tomorrow is Father's Day.  Sarah leaves in the morning for a youth retreat - she's SO excited, and besides celebrating the Dad's in our family - we will be anticipating the arrival of our longtime bff's.  They are both retired now and spend the summers visiting family and friends.  They bought a camping trailer, and spend a good bit of time with their grands in New Hampshire.  We usually get them for a solid week around Labor Day, but this year, we get them for a week now and around Labor Day!  We are very happy about this!

Thank you for your kind thoughts on yesterday's post.  Dotsie mentioned that this general grief (due to all the tragedy in the world) is "in the background" of our lives now.  I think this is true.

I hope you have a delight-filled weekend.


  1. Wow! Sarah is a very, very busy gal! Good for her. Your weekend will be happy, blessed, and busy. I loved seeing the girls in their matching tees on Instagram. Too cute!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend at your house! We will be doing general house-y and kitchen-y things today in preparation for our Father's Day gathering tomorrow.

  3. Sounds like a pleasant weekend for you....
    Re. grief: I read your post and couldn't corral my thoughts to express them. I wrote these words in mid-August last year following my mother's death:
    There is a grief that begins imperceptibly
    and builds so slowly it could easily be ignored
    were it not for occasional
    unpredictable and uncontrollable breakouts.
    Such grief as this extends long, expands widely,
    and anticipates an end where other griefs begin.
    rlg, 8/13/2015

    Yes, I am grieving. It doesn't matter grief's source. Grief is grief, I believe, though its types may vary. Today, sitting by her bed, I tried to describe mine. On paper. This (above) is the best I can do for now.

    "Sorrow and grief drive you into God
    and show you resources you never had and never knew you needed."
    (Tim Keller, Twitter)

  4. Sounds nice! We are totally relaxing this weekend. It has been long overdue.

  5. We are busy daily keeping up with the chores inside and out! Have a blessed day dear friend, hugs!


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