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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Roses In Bloom

For many years, I only had a few, no fuss, climbing roses.  I was busy with kids, I said, and didn't want to have to "baby" roses.  I instead focused on hydrangea, peonies, and other perennials.

Over the last several years, as my kids were mostly grown, I've begun to add some other roses into my garden.

I first added a rose bush that didn't do anything for a few years.  Tim would always ask if it was a weed!

It has turned out to be the sweetest little rose.  This year it finally bloomed these pink, flat petaled flowers with yellow centers.   It just keeps blooming and blooming!

I know its not a great photo.  I was standing on the front step and zoomed in. I'll try to get a proper shot this week.

My David Austin rose is in bloom.  I lost one this year, and only realized two weeks too late, that I could have returned it within the year and received a refund. (I would have bought another!)  I will still likely replace it.  

 There is nothing like a David Austin rose.

This was my Zephrine Drouhin.

 It used to look like this.

I have another rose that this happened to as well, though that one used to be creamy white flowers, and they are not deep red.  Our best guess is that the reds are the root stock and the other was grafted onto it.  The grafted part must have died off, and left just the lovely red roses.

This climber was purchased inexpensively at Christmas Tree Shops, as was the pink, flat petaled rose above.

 It's taken a few years to get established, and it is a stunner.

I'm dealing with black spot and something nibbling holes in leaves, but I am loving this beauty!

I'll show you the other climber that was white and is now deep red, later this week.  The peach rose, given to me out of my mom's garden years ago, is not blooming yet, nor is a pink climber by the deck at the back of the house.  

I hope you had a nice weekend.  We had family over yesterday, Nate grilled burgers and hot dogs for us, and we remembered those who gave their lives so that we can live free.


  1. Your roses are lovely--especially against your trellis!

  2. My mom always had roses in the garden. I'm not that talented a gardener. Yours are lovely!

  3. I am still hesitant to "baby" roses, but I am not much of a gardener. We enjoy our knock out roses that are so cheerful and basically tend themselves.

    You, however, my garden friend, are growing some beautiful roses!! Keep up the good work!!


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