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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Old Family Photos

I've been looking through old family photos, and I thought these were fun.

My big brother, Robert, and me circa 1964.

A few years later...

Then a family photo from Easter of 1970, I believe.  I would have been 6 1/2.  I'm guessing the date based on my little brother's age in this photo.

I remember how much I loved this dress and the purse!  I was so crazy about that purse.  My granddaugther, Kamryn, saw this photo last night and said, "That does not look like Birdie!" (that's what the grands call my mom.)  Birdie was probably 28 years old in this photo, and having been married at age 17, she was almost to her 11th wedding anniversary.  My dad would have been 31 years old.  My oldest is 30, and his oldest, Kamryn is about the age my big brother was in this photo!  Crazy!

A lot of the old photos are stuck into sticky backed photo albums, so I'm going to try to scan them and have them printed off.


  1. I love looking at old photo's. It makes me a little sad though and old since I married just a couple months after I turned 18.Now 55 years later.....well you see where I'm at.LOL

  2. I love old photos! They can take you back to a moment in the past instantly!

  3. "Birdie" is such a sweet name for the grands to call your mom!

    And weren't those old sticky page photo albums just the worst? They seemed cutting-edge at the time. The damage we did to photos back then without even thinking about it ...a shame.

  4. There’s my answer! Laurel had a dress quite similar to yours ten years later. Nautical dresses were all the rage. I still love the look. A cute family photo for sure! All the best rescuing those photos from the nasty clutches of those sticky pages. Alas, I ruined a good many when I tried it.

  5. I love old photos and do the same thing, looking back thru the memories! ALSO, I have some of those sticky back albums, they are the worst! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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