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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Around The Cottage In Mid May

After not much activity for two months, other than people going to work and me cooking dinners, May has turned out to be quite busy.  That happens when you plan a wedding in two weeks, the weather warms up, and a married daughter moves into her new home.

Sarah had been counting the months, then the weeks, to move into the biggest of the kids rooms.  She said, "I'm going to miss Rachel, but at least I'll have a bigger bedroom!"  It's some consolation, anyway. (grin) Once the wedding was back on, she wasted no time.  Sunday afternoon, she took the rest of Rachel's things to their apartment and moved her things into Rachel's old bedroom.  I got to be an advisor for furniture placement.  I also suggested the chair.  She's delighted.

My peonies are close to opening, so I thought I'd try to force some.

I took this photo this morning after walking a letter out to the mailbox.  So many grey days! But at least there is no rain today.

My goldmound spirea is such a great color and the purple Iris are opening right in front of it!  Such a great color combination.  Our colder spring has many flowers behind their normal flowering times.

I clipped some Bridal Veil Spirea yesterday.  I love the way it looks in a vase.  Since it only blooms in the spring, I like to enjoy some indoors as well as outdoors.

I hope your gardens have something in bloom, and that you are all well.


  1. Oh how lovely and serene this all is...I adore the soft yellow in the bedroom....may I visit please? Have a good weekend Deanna!

  2. Yay for Sarah, making the most of things with her excitement about her new bedroom! I remember the thrill that Bekah and I felt last May as we redecorated Kati's old room and made it a guest room. I called that room my "consolation prize." Sarah's room looks so pretty and cheerful and sunny (in spite of all the gray days) . . . so much like Sarah!!

    Your peonies are so close to blooming! I know that they're some of your favorites! Ours have three blooms now and more to come. I am remembering the sweet bundle of peonies you brought when you visited several Mays ago. (Was it three?)

  3. Oh I like Sarah's bedroom! My teenage bedroom was also yellow so it reminds me of my own bedroom that I loved.

    Your new header is fabulous. All those things and more, Deanna.

    Azaleas are blooming and the daffodils are still blooming, oh the forsythia is as well. Every time I see your spirea, I determine that someday I will have some. Hope the ☀️ shines soon.

  4. I love the new bedroom. We have the same colour on the walls and the same colour of sheets in our bedroom. Love the sunflower print of Van Gogh too! That kitty seems quite at home on the comfy chair. I'm sure Sarah will enjoy her new bigger space. Your irises look stunning against the goldmound spirea. We have three goldmounds, but they aren't as big as yours yet. Every winter they die back so hard. Let us know if forcing the peonies worked out. I've never tried that.

    Wishing you a beautiful day, Deanna!
    Brenda xox


  5. I LOVE Sarah's bedroom..beautiful! My peonies are just making their way out of the dirt; )

  6. The room turned out BEAUtiful!


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