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Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Tea On Tuesday

Yesterday I received a lovely Mother's Day gift in the mail from my oldest daughter, Lindsay.

We share a love of good tea, and she had thoughtfully purchased this for me.  I thanked her and she said shipping was a problem, the arrival date kept being pushed back.  No worries.

I'm going to try to make an iced chai latte today, and I'm interested in what the chocolate, rooibos, and vanilla will be like! So many delightful choices.

It's only in the mid 60's this week so a nice cuppa will be just right.  If you drink tea, what teas are you enjoying these days?


  1. That is a fantastic gift, it even looks pretty. I am drinking mainly black teas and a favorite tea company is Vadham. The tea is grown and packaged in India and sent directly to customers so it arrives fresh. Harney and Sons is another favorite tea company, I like their Royal Palace Tea, which is black tea with lemon and grapefruit. Enjoy your new teas.

  2. I am not drinking teas these days, but I have wanted to try the Smoky Earl Grey that some say is the Queen's favorite. Don't ask me how I know. Ha!

    This is such a beautiful gift. Lindsay knows you very well. Enjoy your tea...I think you both need a tea party. Who will bake the scones?

  3. What a thoughtful, lovely gift, and perfect for a tea lover! My go-to tea right now is Harney & Sons Organic Green with Citrus and Ginkgo.

  4. Regular Earl Grey and lavender Earl Grey are always favourites. How lovely to receive this beautiful tea gift from your daughter. Enjoy trying out the various flavours.

  5. Such a thoughtful and perfect gift from Lindsay! I'd like to hear how your iced chai latte turned out. When I drink tea, I am still enjoying Vanilla Almond by Republic of Tea. However, I have drunk more coffee during this stay-at-home time than I would care to admit. :)


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