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Friday, December 1, 2023

Information Friday


Sneak Peek at my Christmas Tree!

I hope you all are enjoying the Christmas season. Happy December!

Mom and I are attending a Christmas Tea at my friends' church tomorrow! So fun.

The case against Trump is not going very well for the prosecution. However, with no jury this judge, whose whole family has Trump Derangement Syndrome, just may rule against Trump. That's what's expected. However, on appeal it would certainly be overturned.

These bankers prove that they wanted to do business with Trump, they made money on the loans and everything was done correctly.

Where is the crime?

The election fraud is finally coming out. Arizona is a mess, so is Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, New York.

January 6 is finally being shown for what it really was. Listen to this video from Rachel Maddow of all people!

I came across this video of Mike Pence speaking the week before J6. What happened between this speech and J6? 

This shows you how they have weaponized the DOJ against the people. We have the right of free speech guaranteed to us in the Constitution!

There are quite a few Senators and Congress people who are choosing to not seek reelection.

Ron Paul stood alone on so many issues. He saw what was a head for us as a nation.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming.

This next year is going to be crazy. Likely a new virus, war, more push for control. But hold on, The Best Is Yet To Come.

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  1. Oh, the tree is gorgeous!
    Praying Trump voters are out in masse.!


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