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Monday, December 4, 2023



We got our photos back and we love them!

I spent most of the weekend preparing for a Mom's Christmas Party here tonight with our co-op! I host every year. I'm a lot slower due to mobility issues, so I have to wait until I've got someone who can hang a garland for me, or bring up decor from our storage downstairs.

We are going to make decoupage ornaments this evening. I'll be sure to get photos.

I'll be making my holiday tea. You can find the details {here}.

I'll also be polishing some silver today. I love how it sparkles at Christmas!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.


  1. What a lovely setting for treasured family photos Deanna...I am sure you will have this framed and displayed right away....there is nothing more precious than family! Thank you so very much for sharing!

  2. Like my grandmother used to say...look what two people created! What a blessed and beautiful bunch!

  3. What a blessing to have these family photos! It is not easy to get everyone in a large family together at once, so I am thrilled that you had this opportunity . . . and they turned out great!


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