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Monday, December 11, 2023

Weekend - Gift Giving Ideas


We woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow! It's melting fast, as it's already off the trees. I like these kinds of snows. Snow on everything but the roads!

Our weekend was quiet. Tim and Kyle worked on the deck railings, and the stair railings. I cooked, read, kept the kitchen clean, folded laundry. Homemaking things.

I'm enjoying the touches of greenery in the kitchen! This wreath is on the kitchen door that leads out to the deck.

Yesterday we had a soaking rain that lasted all day. So Tim drove my parents to their small group Christmas party, and then we both picked them up and went to a local charity light show that is displayed on a house. You tune your radio to the correct station and listen in your car. 

I have a lot of gift making/buying to do still. I'm liking the idea of food gifts. My homemade granola, cookies, muffins, chocolate pretzels. 

We draw names among the adults in our family and Tim has my dad this year. I told him to get my dad food/snack items. Meat and cheeses, nuts, crackers, chocolates. Those items in a basket would be a wonderful gift for someone!

I already have Kamryn's gift, and just have the younger kids to buy for. Also, sometimes we give a family gift or an experience gift. 

What are some gift ideas that you'd like to share? Leave them in the comments! That way we can all read them!


  1. I'm still figuring out what to get for my gang! lol
    What a sweet Tim you have!

  2. That's the kind of snow I love too! :)

    love the picture of your kitchen door! Your kitchen looks so bright and cheerful! Maybe in the New Year, you can give us a tour of all the little nooks and crannies?

    I am always slow . . . but this year, I am slower than slow. I have neither the time nor the brain space to accomplish the things that I want/need to do. I am having to show myself grace . . .

  3. Great idea!! We are truly stumped for my husband this year. I'm doing a food basket!! Thank you!!

  4. Food in a gift basket is always welcome, I like your idea. I buy friends books: What the Bible is All About for one friend and The Warden by Anthony Trollope for another. Also flip calendars are nice, Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado for my adult children in flip calendar form, one thought each day.


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