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Friday, December 8, 2023

Information Friday


Here is a look at my pretty corner cabinet in my kitchen. I took the photo last night, and I'll try to get some photos during the day of the whole kitchen! I'm enjoying it so much.

Big news from last night.

All of this was on his laptop. The FBI had his laptop in 2019 I believe.

He is a grown man, a father, not a child.

Is this a distraction from having his testify before the congressional committee?

Be careful what you tweet! It often comes back to bite you!

But these rules don't apply to Biden's I suppose.

Lying is Joe's M.O.

They are threatening the American people. They want more money for Ukraine not because of Russia. This is bribery money. Zelensky has been enriched. They don't care about the citizens of any nation. They just want money and power. They also want to destroy America.

Now that American's really understand what the Biden's have been doing, criminally, for many years, I think we're going to begin to learn about the Obama's.

Very interesting.

I'm keeping my eyes on this post.

They are still trying desperately to hide the data about the jab! The harm it is causing those who took it is catastrophic. 

All of the information that has been controlled for years has caused us to not know the truth of their actions. They always say they are trying to keep 'misinformation' from being spread but it's truth they are hoping to suppress!

The truth has been hidden but it's all coming out now. That is why things are getting so chaotic. The Deep State cannot have you know the truth. They are fighting for their lives now. 

This is from Marcus Luttrell's twin brother who won a seat in the House of Representatives from Texas!

We need more truth tellers!

Speak the truth friends. Speak because you care that people know the truth, not in anger. Don't be afraid, but be wise. 

I hope you have a good weekend. Remember why we celebrate Christmas. God sent Jesus to earth to pay the penalty for our sin. We celebrate this incredible gift to us.

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Donna said...

I was shocked to hear they indited him! Probably will go nowhere though.
Happy weekend!

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