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Friday, May 10, 2024

Information Friday

This has been a big week!



The Dems will replace Biden after their convention, if he makes it that far.  I am sure of it.

RFK Jr doesn't believe that Roe should have been overturned. Constitutionally it should have always been a states issue, never federal. He also is okay with women aborting their babies up to birth! Evil!



obscure said...

Not one thing you have ever posted on these "information" posts has ever come to fruition. Not one. Doesn't that give you pause?

Donna said...

Praying the Win is SO huge that there can be NO doubt, in Jesus's Name!

Anonymous said...

It does give me pause. Everything #45 says needs to be triple checked to clarify what he is saying because he continually lies. He freely speaks so much information that needs checked. There's to much work involved when dealing with his lies. One has a life to live and I don't wish to spend my precious time dismantling his lies. He said that the Judge WOULD NOT allow him to attend his son's graduation. He is attending his son's graduation. So which is it? With the GOP selecting such a rogue for a candidate, I have lost all respect for the party. It is rightly named The trump party.


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