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Friday, May 31, 2024

Information Friday

 "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Ronald Reagan

Well, they did it, just as we knew they would. 

This is why. 

This video is from his campaign in 2016. He was telling us then about the corruption but we couldn't see it. Even those of us who could see, didn't truly know the depths of the corruption. But now we see it. It has, frankly, scared me at times. The depth, and how close we are to losing our Republic. 

We have not cherished our Constitution, which set guidelines for the government, not for the people. We are free people. We hire the government to do specific things for us, but they now have turned it so that the people work for the government. Through our high taxation, we fund their lavish lifestyles as the 'foreign aid' and help with wars etc, are actually money laundered back to them.

It's bad, and so many of you still don't get it. You believe the lies that the mainstream media has told you. I get that. We all did at one time. I just hope that you wake up, like so many millions are now waking up.

The left is not the Democratic party of old. They are communists, globalists, who don't care about anyone but them selves. And I should say many Republicans are also communists, globalists who love war, because they get kick backs from the Military Industrial Complex. 

Back to the news.

But Jill says....


I believe it will be overturned. But friends we must pray for his safety. All the things they are trying is failing. They knew this case wouldn't stand but they'll be able to call him a 'convicted felon' for a while. 

Biden will be replaced before the election, I am sure of this. The left will try to bring us to war, anything they can to try to keep DJT from being reelected. 

I truly believe this election is the final battle. If DJT loses America is lost. We must face the fact that we are nearly lost now. If they can railroad a guilty conviction on Trump, what could they do to regular citizens. 



Donna said...

I'm soooooo __________ ed!!! Hopefully the Supreme Court will step in! God help us all...

Anonymous said...

The greatness of America has never left. Look at the multitude of American service men and women that laid down their lives for this country. President Trump never was in the military's active duty. He never was in the military and took great actions to stay out of active duty due to a phony bone spur. He let it be known that his VIETNAM was fighting sexual diseases. How on God's green earth can a born again Christian filled with God's Holy Spirit support such a sexual deviant to lead our country? We are to imitate God's holiness, not thumb our noses at it. Following DJT's work ethics and how he doesn't pay his bills is not the type of character I desire for our President or any other political leader. Character does matter. It does matter what a person does in the dark and on their own time. It matters, but many deny it does as long as they are overly enamored with a false messiah named T R U M P. ~Anonymous that loves God and country.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous,

You’ve laid out a lot of accusations about Trump, some I’ve never hear of before! Can you send me links to articles that prove this information?

Deanna Rabe

Anonymous said...

Which accusations about Trump have you not heard of before? Please share. 1) Trump never serving in the military. 2) Bone spurs. 3) Trump's Vietnam was sexual diseases. ? Yes, I will send some links. Many other links found on google. If you'll indicate which media sights you believe to be truthful, I will see what they say about him not paying his bills, his behavior with beauty pageant contestants that he walked in on while they were dressing, catch and kill stories about Trump.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Interesting that almost all the links are about an interview with Howard Stern.

Anonymous said...

Character does matter. Saving our nation matters. Will you vote for Biden? He's a known liar, has over 20 shell companies that they've laundered money from foreign nations through into their personal accounts. His daughter who acknowledges that, yes it is her journal, says that she started to stay up very late to get her showers because otherwise her father would come and get in the shower with her! We've all see him in action with women and girls in public!


Anonymous said...

Deanna, I sent you more than this link and you didn't publish them so readers cannot judge for themselves about what Trump has said. The interviews with Howard Stern should say enough about Trump's true character. You gave yourself away on this one as Anonymous June 3, 2024 at 11:13AM. You are the one I sent links to. Nobody else saw all the links I sent you and you didn't publish the links. You are willing to turn a blind eye toward Trump's vulgar behavior. Sad. You've drank the Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

Did you have a change of heart? Thank you for sharing the links.


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