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Monday, May 6, 2024


 We had a party weekend at our cottage! We have four immediate family birthdays in May, my Dad's was on Sunday. On Saturday however, Mom and Dad hosted their small group for food and games, including a Lemon Marange Pie for Dad!

Tim and I managed to get the wall art arranged better for over the couch, and I am happy with it. 

Some of us went to lunch for Dad's birthday and then later came to our house for cake. 
Kamryn's softball team had a tournament and so they didn't make it.

They set up and played Mario Cart then Stick Fight. Both of these games bring on a lot of laughter!

Sweet Jasmine visited too, and enjoyed the couch.

Mother's Day is this coming weekend, then Mom's birthday in the middle of next week. The following week is Nate's 35th birthday, and the following week is Rachel's 25th! We have a few nieces who have birthdays this month, too!

Life is busy, which is good for us. Everyday activities in the home, therapy appointments, VA appointments. Cooking, cleaning, organizing. Potting flowers to create beautiful spaces. All good work. 

I hope you are well, and busy with good things, too. 

My favorite Psalm is 139. Here is a beautiful song by Shane and Shane singing from Ps 139! I hope you enjoy it!

Here is another by Ellie Holcomb! I love both songs even though they are very different!


Kim said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend. We have a lot of birthdays and celebrations in May, as well. Love that...

Donna said...

Love that you all had fun! And loving the bare feet! lol
Happy week!


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