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Friday, May 3, 2024

Information Friday


I'm hurrying this morning to get this post done, as I am off to tea soon! Mom, my friend Jennifer, and I are going to our favorite tea shop, The Tea Trolley!

There has been much eye opening this week, as people see that the Universities, and not just the Ivy League ones, have been over taken my Marxists and Communists. Columbia even had the wife of a known terrorist in their encampment. 

After arrests were made Columbia released a statement saying that those who were leading were not "a part of the Columbia family," meaning they were outside agitators. 

You know those people. The ones the Soros foundations pay for to stir up unrest. Like in the summer of 2020. 

This doesn't leave the college students off the hook. They've been indoctrinated and freely participated. Remember many of these students cry about their student loans, and want forgiveness.

I think it's time to restructure higher education.

The left always excuse the ones doing things they like - riots, etc. But January 6th? They made that happen, too. Then blamed the peaceful protestors who were waved in by Capitol Police.

Lefty Robert DeNiro gets what's going really behind the protests.
I'm glad for everyone waking up and helping to save our nation.

Avenatti is no fan of Trump, but he's calling out the falsehoods in the 'hush money' trial.

This is very good news! We shouldn't give our sovereignty away to a corrupt organization. 49 of 50 Senators signed to reject the treaty! This treaty would allow a non elected foreign agency to tell us how we had to deal with an pandemic etc. including mandatory jabs.

This is an interesting video. I think it shows what kind of upbringing Barron and the other Trump children have had. Certainly raised to think of others, and are not spoiled.

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