Sunday, May 27, 2007

Busy Saturday

Yesterday, my dear girls and I were busy in the garden. We mulched 5 flower beds and 3 trees, and we are not nearly done. We used nearly all the mulch my dear husband brought home before he went to Louisiana. So we will wait until he gets home to finish all the beds! I wanted to show you some of the beautiful flowers in my cottage gardens.

I adore this peony! It is so gorgeous and the fragrance of it is like old roses!

My mom bought this climbing rose for her house and decided she didn't want to use it after all. So she gave it to me. Lucky me!
This is my sweet bird bath and a salvia or a sage. I don't remember which one!
Pretty Pinks! A small bit of Dianthus.

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  1. Beautiful garden! It makes me want to get out and plant some flowers in our yard!


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