Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Katrina Relief

Yesterday in New Orleans, my husband met someone who, with their family, rode out the hurricane on the roof of their house. They didn't evacuate and when the levees broke they had 6 inches of water a minute coming into their house. Their only option was to break out the roof and go up there. They were three days with out food and water.

Another man was going around the neighborhood doing edging. He said that when he saw the volunteers giving their time to help build and repair, he wanted to help too. This man, when he returned to New Orleans, had the pastor of Castle Rock Church (in central city, near the Superdome) pay his first months rent.

God is at work in Louisiana. God is at work everywhere. I think we don't often look for Him in our everyday life. I want to live more intentionally as I go about my days. To be aware of God and His leading.

Below is a link to Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Covington LA. They head up the Katrina Relief effort with the EFCA.



  1. I looked up the site yesterday so I could see Miss Stephanie's son.

    I think Tim will come back with a lot of stories but most of all a heart change. I don't think you can go to NOLA and not be. Tell Tim thanks for his work and to talk to everyone because they have a story and then write it down.

  2. If he didn't take a camera, have him buy a disposable and take pictures!!!!


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