Grandpa's Birthday!

Saturday was my Dad's 68th birthday! He looks great for his age doesn't he? He is very active in his retirement. I tell him he is living out everyboy's dream - playing with firetrucks and being a cowboy! He is the President of his local volunteer fire dept. and the fire police captain and he likes to come and learn to ride horses. What a life!

We ate at Ruby's Diner. It is a fun place, and the food is excellent!

Mom and Emily enjoying their dinner.
My handsome husband and our youngest! Happy Birthday Dad/Grandpa!


  1. MMMMM!!! I love the Southwest BBQ Salad and the Cinnamon Roll French Toast!!!!

    Where is Rubies???

    Looks like y'all had fun...Even the Ole Geezer!

  2. It is on Baltimore Pike, past Kennett Square.

    It takes about 40 minutes from Mom and Dad's.

    The Geez had a great time!


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