Busy Week

Why is it that I always think that when we are done with school, I will be less busy? Every year I think this, when will I learn?

Monday and Tuesday I painted my mom and dad's living room, hallway and stairwell. It looks terrific. They picked out Ace brand Tuscan Tan for the living room, but decided to go lighter for the hallway and stairwell. Problem was they had bought several gallons of the Tuscan Tan. Solution? We mixed our own custom color by mixing 3 parts white to 1 part Tuscan Tan. I will try to get pictures and post them here soon. They are very happy with how it turned out. That makes me happy. So long white walls!

Today I need to run about 45 minutes away and pick up my son's graduation announcements and his cap and gown. Then we need to buy dress shoes. He needs them for graduation, and also for the prom he is attending this weekend. Oh and we need to pick up his borrowed tuxedo.

Tomorrow several kids have eye appointments, and then I need to load up on groceries. For some reason this family insists on eating 3 times a day and having snacks! What's up with that anyway?

Friday and Saturday we will be at our State Homeschool Convention. My parents are staying with our younger ones and my dear husband and I are taking our two oldest girls. We are even staying overnight! We look forward to this every year. Staying overnight will make it special.

By Sunday, I should be exhausted, ready to receive all that Mother's Day Love!


  1. If the pool was up you could just relax and float all day Sunday!!! With everyone catering to you that is!!!

    Yesterday I called Robert and said I have 5 words for you,
    "Air Conditioning or pool!"

    It has been so hot here. The kind where you don't want to move. Then the air has been blowing everything so then I have the burning eyes and nose/sneezing...Katy too!!

    Enjoy the beauty as you drive around...it helps on the long drives...

    Hey I just had a thought. "A summer home in PA!!!!"

  2. This morning the weather was 65 degrees with 93% humidity, so summer is definately on it's way!

    The pool at Camp Geezer is getting a new liner this year! It will be so nice! Dark blue so the water will look so cool and refreshing!


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