Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Kittens at 16 Days

Here is a picture of our Chloe's kittens. She is a very good mother. The kittens' names in order of birth are: Charlie, Lola, Scout, Colin, Lizzie, Georgiana, Mr.Knightley.

Their eyes are all open now, and my girls tell me that Charlie has blue eyes. They are very sweet and soft and cuddly.

How we will ever be able to give any of them away is beyond me, but we cannot keep them all!


  1. Can you ship one here??? My girls want one!!!

  2. oh my goodness!! i want the one with the stripped head and grey body! thats soo cute!!! so just um.. i dont know figure out a way to send it here! so it will still be in the family!! Ü

  3. Jill,

    Your family can bring one home to you! Now it is your job to sweet talk your Dad!

  4. By the way the grey kitties in the middle are named (left to right) Colin, Scout, and Lizzie.

    They are so cute!

  5. how cute!! lizzie && colin!! i will HAVE to talk to my father!! aw!! hehe

  6. My Jill loves the names Lizzie and Colin!! She told me!! I think she is figuring a way to bring one home. Silly girl!!

  7. They are the dearest kittens in the world!

    So sweet. Their momma is very content with the girls helping her care for her kittens so they are going to be great with kids/families.


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