Monday, May 28, 2007

Kyle Update #2

Kyle's recovery from his broken leg has been quick. The first few days after his cast was removed, I was concerned as he didn't seem to be able to use that leg. But then he started crawling with it and last Thursday he started walking if you held his hands. Which lead to his walking all on his own on Saturday. He hasn't crawled since!

Watch me go fast!

I am soooo happy!


  1. Good job, Kyle! You're doing so good!

  2. The Lord is Good!!

  3. This is like our walk with the Lord. We struggle to walk but the Lord lifts us up and gives us His guiding hand to walk strong with HIm. So glad kyle is doing better!

  4. Thanks everybody!

    God has been so good. Kyle's leg is still a bit stiff when he walks, but it is so cute!


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