Friday, May 18, 2007

Jane Austen Website

Check out this website for all sorts of Jane Austen delights. I am happily researching for the class I am teaching this fall. My sister in law and dear friend sent me this link. Now if I could find unlimited time to look and read...Have a happy day all!


  1. I was at Joann's Fabric yesterday looking through pattern books. The two I looked at were Simplicity and Mc Call's. Now I don't remember which one it was but one of the books had Austen type costume patterns. They may be on- line. Thought I would give you a FYI for your class prep!!

    I want to go to Zooks Fabric store next to Emmerguts!! They have such beautiful material. I am making something for the little Birthday girl. I don't think the Birthday boy would appreciate them. LOL

    They'll be coming soon.............

  2. How Sweet! I do love Zook's for fabric. I bought those patterns at Joann's about 3 months ago when they had Simplicity patterns for .99 cents! I need to get busy!

    So much to do. I can't believe that the b-day boy will be 18! Wow!


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