Monday, May 21, 2007

Seeking Wisdom

The last few days, I have been sorting through pictures of my oldest child. He actually is no longer a child. As of Thursday he will be 18 years old. Where do the days and years go?

We are not sad about the passage of time. We would not want him to remain a little child forever. We want our children to grow up and become adults. Hopefully mature adults! This process takes time. And even though he is 18, he has alot of maturing to do. A young man of 18 is not as mature as a man of 40 - it is simply impossible to have the wisdom that comes from life experiences. I do believe however that if we walk close with God and seek wisdom, we can be mature beyond our years.

A speaker at our home education convention said the following; "A fool seeks to be understood, a wise person seeks understanding."

I pray for each of my children and young adults, that they would be those who seek understanding.


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