Friday, June 1, 2007

Birthday Party Pictures

My sweet Rachel had such a fabulous day yesterday! She had two friends over, received a call from her favorite cousin, her daddy called.

She is horse crazy, naturally, so she had a horse theme party.

She decorated the gift bags for her friends. I got pencil cases that matched her party theme, and then they also got a bit of candy. It was very inexpensive.

They got a chance to ride Sandy, our horse.

Here is the birthday girl with her friend Amanda.

Birthday happiness!
We are thankful to God for His wonderful gift!


  1. Yikes!! She is growing up!

    Sounds like a great party! She has a package coming. Do I ever get anything out on time? Gee!

    What was her favorite part of her Birthday??

  2. I don't know what her favorite part was, she was just so bubbly all day. When Tim called she just talked and talked!

    She was happy Jill called her! They still have a special bond.

  3. are those pink cowboy boots?!! tell rachel i want some just like hers! they are really cute.. well the tops of them .. but i can imagine! haha

  4. absolutely the cutest cowboy boots in the world! She does not step in the horse dookey, thank you very much! hee hee

    They were my target find at $4.95 clearance price!

    I found Sarah some brown ones at Wally for $3.00 They were the better bargain but not so cute!!!


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