Thursday, June 14, 2007

Longwood Gardens

Tuesday, I took my children to Longwood Gardens. This is a beatiful place. There are lots of walking paths and so much to look at all times of the year.

Here is a beautiful gazebo by a pond.

This is one of my favorite spots at Longwood - The Italian Water Garden. It is laid out in very symetrically and is such a calming view. I really could sit there for hours.

While there, a huge thunderstorm kicked up and we had to hurry to the conservatory. This is a photo of two different kinds of orchids, in the orchid room.

This is the Century plant. This is located in the silver garden. It has all desert plants, in silver, grey and white hues. This plant was normal size in May, then the flower "bud" took off! It has grown so large that they had to take a glass panel out of the ceiling. This is it in flower. Here is a picture of the younger children enjoying what Sarah called the "beaver house". This is a structure in the vegetable garden. This will be covered with vines this summer.

I will post more about our day there, soon. I have company coming this morning, a friend I haven't spent time with in a long time!


  1. I like the water area!!! Looks like what England might look like!

  2. oh definately! It is stunning! I keep thinking that Mr. Darcy would have put something like this in at Pemberly!


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