God Bless Your Home


God Bless Your Home

God bless your home
And all within,
The friends who come;
Your kith and kin;
Your shelt'ring roof,
Your homely fare,
Your place of rest,
Your toil and care.
Bless absent ones
And those you love,
And guard and guide
Them from above.
And grant that soon
Sweet peace will reign
In this and ev'ry land again.


This poem says alot. Our oldest one is going to be an absent one soon. He is moving out next week. We think this is good, on many levels, but our hearts are heavy, for reasons I won't go into. Pray for us as we all adjust to these changes, and for strengthened relationships and growth for us all.


  1. Your family will be covered with prayers as you go through these days - you aren't alone - your heavenly Father is with you.

  2. God know's the needs of your home and so give all to him!

  3. You and your family are in my thoughts - I know this is a difficult time.

    Loved the poem.


  4. Thank you, dear ladies.

    We hold on to the grace of our heavenly Father, who sustains us during these hard days.

    God is good, all the time.


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