Red Work Stitchery

My sister in law has inspired me with her stitchery. So the other night, I gave it a go. I used a white pillowcase, and put the hoop on it and free handed this saying, that I have seen on signs everywhere!
I like the way it turned out. I think I want to cut it out and make it into a smaller decorative pillow.
There is definately room for improvement, but it was fun.


  1. Tis quite lovely!! I love the font you created. I am almost finished with mine. I traced the pattern on so lightly that in the evening I can't see it too well, even with the new glasses!!

    I am going to make a little kit for Emily, would anyone else want to give it a go??

  2. I think you should make the whole alphabet on paper, then I could have your Mrs. Rabe font!

  3. Actually, Lindsay likes to do stitchery too. That surprised me. And Miss Rachel is trying it but gets frustrated. I think she needs something more age appropriate, then trying to do what we are doing.

    It is fun. I have a baby blanket to finish though.

  4. I think it is so sweet! I love it!

  5. I have the girls embroidery patterns finished!!! Will send along with Rachel's gift. I am waiting for some tags I ordered!!!
    I finished your pic too!!

  6. blackpurl,

    I loved looking at your blogs. What an amazing life you have. Russia must be difficult and wonderful at the same time. I hope you drop by again sometime soon.

  7. That's very pretty! I'd like to try it. I've seen those pillows that say "Good Night" and "Good Morning" and think they're ever so sweet.


  8. There are endless possiblities with stitchery! I have all kinds of ideas floating around my head, but we will see if I get to them!!!

    Thanks for your kind words ladies!


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