Chloe and Charlie

Our cat Chloe is weaning her kittens. She rarely nurses them. This morning they were pestering her, and she kept moving so they couldn't nurse. A few minutes later and I see her on the back of the couch, with Charlie hanging off the side of the couch and nursing. It was quite a sight! She as you may be able to tell, was not all that pleased. Her tail kept swishing back and forth impatiently. The kittens will be 8 weeks tomorrow. They eat food, drink water and are litter trained. They are ready to go to a good home.
Kittens anyone?


  1. This is such a cute picture! Chloe is obviously ticked, but resigned to letting Charlie have one last (?) sip. I clicked on the picture to view it enlarged and discovered Chloe to have the sweetest little turned up nosie. :o)

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I don't recall visiting yours before but am so glad I have now!


  2. Thank you, haus frau. I love to check your blog daily and read what you share.


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