Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Scenes from My Bedroom

One of my favorite spots in my cottage is my bedroom. This is where I go to read, sew, pile on the bed to watch movies with my girls, hang out with my hubby. This room used to be the master bedroom before the previous owners added on an enormous master suite. We had that room and our four girls were in this room with two sets of bunkbeds until we took mercy on them and gave them the huge bedroom.
This room has plenty of space for us and it could hold a much bigger bed, but we really like our bed, it is soooo comfortable, so we stay with this full size. The bedding is a Waverly pattern that I purchased at Target last year. It allows me to have a bit of floral with out being too "girlie" for my husband. The red sheets were purchased from KMart, a Martha Stewart set, and the dust ruffle I found at Wally World. The walls are not quite this color, it is a Dutch Boy color called "glazed tile".

This lamp was purchased at Target. I love it. The base is from Shabby Chic by Rachel Ashwell, and the lamp shade is a beautiful deep red with tone on tone embroidery and beads.
In front of my windows which overlooks the back yard, creek, and horse pasture, sits my writing desk. It used to be dark brown and boring. I painted it this weekend and I like the way it looks. On the top of it is my sewing box, sewing machine, and "inbox". The wall color is more true in this picture.

This is the bookcase next to my bed. Look how washed out the wall looks here! wow. I love the black wooden plate, my little white bird, and red candle holder/vase. I also have a string of white lights strung through the garland for evening ambiance.

This little set belonged to my Grandmother. It has 4 cups and luncheon plates that match. I don't know how long she owned it, I know that I used to play with them at her home when I was a young girl. She gave them to me years ago. I treasure them for the memories and that they were hers.

Many of the furniture items we have in our home were purchased at yard sales, or found free. A coat of paint does wonders for old items. It allows us to have the look we want and yet to live on one income. Besides is it so fun, to find something, see it's potential and make it work in our cottage.

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