Strawberry Jam

It has been so hot here that strawberry season is almost over! The Amish woman at Fisher's Produce stand said that the heat is making them ripen fast. So today I stopped on the way home from my brunch group (which was terrific, by the way) and bought 4 more quarts. They along with the two I purchased yesterday were made into lovely delicious jam! I got 1 quart sized jar and 12 half pints! I love to give away homemade things for gifts, so I did lots of the half pints.
Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Please save me one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh,I already plan to give you one. Your mom also, and Beth and Alicia!

    It is pretty yummy if I do say so my self.

  3. Those little jars are a great size for gift giving. That jam looks very yummy. I really like homemade things!


  4. I these jars. They had them in a more modern look, also. They are great for storing small things as well.

    Manuela, you are right about the size being perfect for gift giving.

    Now I can't wait for our local summer peaches! Yum!


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