Peonies and Tea Cups

Here are some peonies from my garden. I adore them! The tea cup on the dresser and the matching teapot are a Royal Dalton pattern called "Celebrations". I recently found them at my local Royal Dalton outlet store at 50% off!
This pattern is special to me. This is the wedding china pattern of a dear friends mother. We used to all have tea together, not with this china, but at Cracker Barrel on Sunday nights. Pauleen, Brenda, Donna and I would go out without our young children, or husbands, and drink tea (Darjeeling) and eat chocolate cobbler. I always loved Donna's wedding china and the girls and I would tease over who would "inherit" her china.
So when I found this pattern on the tea cup and tea pot, I treated myself. It brings back special memories, of these lovely women and their friendship to me.

Maybe one day we can have a visit together and have a real tea party! Please come visit girls! I miss you!


  1. Deanna - you made me cry - what special times we had - Mom still has her china set :) thank you for causing me to remember such sweet conversations. PA would be a great place to visit again - we still talk about those cheese philly sandwiches - we are in St. Augustine now.

  2. How wonderful to have memories connected with tea. I'm sure you're passing them on to your children as well.

    I'm better at serving tea than I am at gardening~beautiful peonies!

    Please stop by for a visit:
    Tea Party Girl

  3. My girls and I love to have tea! Even my almost 5 year old. She had a tea party Sunday afternoon with her daddy. She is very "proper".

    It is a special way to share time with my lovely daughters.

    I also find that my friends enjoy it too. Last night I had a meeting her at my cottage and made tea and scones. The ladies who attended all felt special to have the tea cups out and pretty little china plates.

    Thank you Tea Party Girl, for sharing your site with me. I can't wait to spend some time there!


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