Garden Delights

Here are some pictures of my flowers.

These are a small white daisy flower. They grow with fern like leaves. They were given to me by friends, and I am thinking that they are a wildflower, as I have some near our horse pasture, and I didn't plant them! They are sweet though, and bloom for a long time. They are great to cut and use in arrangements or by themselves in a canning jar.

This is a picture of my Black-Eyed Susan vine. Isn't it cute? I saw one at my sister-in-laws home last summer and had to have one. They are an annual here, so I am hoping it grows really big this summer, so I can enjoy it on my picket fence!

Here is a bit of lavendar that I transplanted. It was being overgrown in its' previous spot. I love the scent!

I bought these daylilies last year for $1.00 a plant at an Amish store! They have grown so well. This one is by my deck stairs and my pink climbing rose.

Here is my pink climbing rose. You can see the various stages of the roses. I definately need to deadhead! This rose just keeps blooming and blooming! It is covered with buds!
I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my garden. Soon the purple coneflower and black-eyed susans and my shasta daisies will be blooming. Oh, my butterfly bushes as well!!! I love summer!


  1. I love gardens..gardens that are tended by their owners with love. Yours is beautiful, Mrs. Rabe. I especially like the daylilies and vintage rose. I have a couple rose bushes just outside my kitchen window - makes the task of doing dishes even more pleasant. :o)

  2. I love your flowers!! I can't wait for the Cornflower! They are pretty flowers!!

  3. Now my Rachel is planting her own flowers in the garden. She planted some seeds yesterday, and also bought a plant that is ready to bloom. I think it is a red coneflower.

    I will post a picture of that when it blooms!


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