Monday, March 3, 2008

Busy Weekend


This was an unusually busy weekend.

Saturday, I picked up my Mom and went to breakfast at the Kinzer Fire Co. They have a buffet breakfast the first Saturday of every month except January, when they have their Pork and Sauerkraut dinner. As we were pulling in the siren was going off! My Dad (who is President of the Fire Co, and head of the fire police) was getting into his 'burb and heading out, as was the big truck. They were off to rescue a young lady whose car slid on some ice and she ended up in a creek. She was fine, with just some bumps and bruises.

Next Mom and I went to our church ( to participate in packing boxes for our service men and women.

Then I went back to my Mom's and painted the downstairs bathroom. Last week I stripped off wallpaper and primed a painted wall. Now, all I have left to do is to paint the cabinet in that room. They are going to get a new countertop and sink, and have already purchased a new light fixture for that room. It is looking great! When they bought the house, that bathroom was stuck in the 70's with wallpaper with big flowers in the colors of avacado green and gold! Yikes. We wallpapered a pretty Waverly paper and painted the one wall a Cranberry color that coordinated with the wallpaper. However, it was time to update that room again. The color is now a lovely sage green color. They have white wainscotting in the room and it looks great with the green color. I am having them take photos and I will try to post some of them soon.

Saturday evening, Rachel wasn't feeling well, and she got sick to her stomach in the night. She only was sick once for which we were thankful! Because of the lack of sleep, we slept in a bit and decided to skip Sunday School. Now Tim had to usher yesterday, and Emily and I were both working in the nursery, so we decided to have Lindsay stay home with Rachel, and to keep Kyle home too. Then since we weren't going to Sunday School, Sarah asked if she could just stay home as well. So that is what we did!

After church our good friends came over for lunch. When they come we spend the whole day into the evening together! We have so much fun talking etc...the kids play, it is delightful. Their twin 10 year old boys think Lindsay is the greatest! She not only lets them play her cool computer games, she also teaches them how to shoot arrows, and build campfires!

We also had one of our horse boarders come over with her mom. So we visited with them, too! It was an afternoon of encouragement in our walk with the Lord, our relationships with our spouses, and what to do with a horse that is not right for you!

After they left for the evening, Kyle went to bed, and fell asleep right away, as he hadn't had a nap. He woke up an hour later fussing, but Emily (whom he wanted) got him back to sleep. Awhile later he was awake and crying because he had thrown up! Yikes! He continued to do this all night, just a bit at a time. He is still having a unsettled tummy today, but is getting better. Sigh....

We already had a tummy bug last month and I am hoping that this is not what is going to happen here. We have managed to avoid the flu so far, and we do practice good handwashing etc...please pray with me!

Today our two adult nieces are coming for dinner, and I am also scheduled to take a meal to a dear lady from our church who has had back surgery.

I also am trying to finish our school for the day, and get a better daily "chore" schedule going around her!

I feel like the Veggie Song, "I'm busy, busy, horribly busy, more than a bumble bee, more than an ant..."

But it is a good kind of busy, working in my home, teaching my children, caring for others!


  1. Wow you all have been busy! I will be praying with you about the flu...I am praying lots that no one gets it here either! My dad had it and it was not good! Have fun with your nieces tonight!!!

  2. I hope the flu stops in its tracks and gets no one else.
    I feel like I am going down!

    Headache, chest ache, ughhhh...

    I plan to come to bowling for Chelsea's sake.
    Don't know if I will bowl.


  3. We are praying for you. We too have had this tummy bug this week :( So I understand how you feel in not wanting it back :) Hope you all are feeling better soon!


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