Modesty and Swimwear

I have been enjoying a series on modesty over at "The Sparrow's Nest." (the link is on my sidebar) I think this is an issue that needs to be talked about. With warm weather on the way, we are thinking about grandpa opening the pool and swimming, so I thought I would share what we have chosen to do for swimwear in our family.
I read a book several years ago called "Christian Modesty and the Public Undressing of America", by Jeff Pollard.

It challenged my thinking. One example is; how many parents would let their daughters stand in the front yard in their bras and panties? Yet, many allow their daughters to go to the pool or beach in a bikini, which are often less covering than the bra and panties! Some how we have the idea the bikini is ok because it is a swimsuit!

While have never allowed the girls to wear bikinis, they used to do one piece suits, which can be immodest also but when the girls started to get older we discovered Land's End tankinis. Two piece fully covered with a skirted bottom. However, a few years ago we found a company online making modest swimwear like this:

I made one for Lindsay last year and she liked the freedom to swim and really be active in the water without worrying about modesty. The company is called Modest Swimwear, It has a skirted top and then "capris".
Emily wore Lindsay's old Land's End tankini. This year however we have found this company and this swimsuit:

This is more Emily's style. It is a bit pricey, but I will spend more on something that will be modest and still allow the girls the freedom to swim.

Our modesty policy extends to the younger girls as well. This is the style of the little girls swimwear, it is from an online company called "Swim Modest"

It is a one piece suit with longer length in the leg and then an attached "sarong" wrap around the bottom. The girls love them. I like that they can get out of the pool and not have to put on capris or something in order to be modest.


  1. These suits are lovely for water play and enjoying sunshine around the pool. Good finds! I especially like the fact bright colors are used.

    My daughter is a lifeguard and has little choice in what she wears, but what she does wear is much more modest than what one would typically see at a public pool. Solid dark blue suit in heavy spandex that covers her top almost up to the shoulder line, along with pool shorts and a pool t-shirt. When she teaches swim lessons it's just the suit.

    I have a suit that I only wear in my own backyard with my imemdiate family around. It's a very modest Lands'End number with a detachable skirt.

  2. Oh, I'd also like to add that each year my daughter's swim suits must have her father's approval. I like that. :o)

    This year's regular swimsuit is a one-piece modest number. Dad stamped approval.

  3. Thanks for the websites. We have had such difficulty finding a modest suit for Melodey. Even though she is only 4 we wanted to start right away with what is acceptable. I can't wait to go look for a new suit for her for this year now... instead of dreading it. Attempting to find a one piece for a little girl is so hard among all the bikinis. Which is very sad :(

    Thanks again!

    P.S. love the bright colors... that always makes a great suit :)

  4. Yes, my girls suits always have Dad's approval as well. He is able to view them from a different perspective which I appreciate!

    Have fun Nicole finding a suit for Melody - they are so fun and cute!

  5. Absolutely fantastic! We were in a pinch to find a suit for our 20 month old to use in the pool when we went away with my in-laws recently but found a wetsuit type thing at Old Navy - completely covered top with short sleeves. The only thing that I didn't love was the regular bottoms, but those I dealt with for now. I love the options that you showed us, because she definitely ain't never wearing a bikini, LOL!

  6. This is a great post!

    Chelsea has been so sensitive about her swimwear. I am going to check into these options.

    I simply avoid being in situations to need a suit...sigh...


    Becky K.

  7. Another great site to checkout is I bought a modest swimsuit for my little gal last year and it has lasted through swim lessons twice a week for 9 months and a summer season. I don't get any perks for mentioning them, I just like their products. I am looking forward to checking out the other sites you mentioned...Thanks for the info!

  8. Thanks Mrs. Byers for mentioning the other site. I will definately be checking it out!

    Kelly, I am right with you. No bikinis!


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