Baby, It's Cold Outside


Today we awake to the first of two artic blasts coming our way.  The high today if we are lucky is going to be 26 degrees.  Right now, it is 16, that is not factoring wind chill.  Tomorrow they are calling for snow, I am not holding my breath because they have been wrong alot this winter!  Friday, the high will be 16 degrees.  This is a bummer for me as it is my big shopping day - I could go early or a few days later, but the weather isn't going to be much different, so....Tomorrow in fact, we start co-op, but it may get cancelled if it snows like they are calling for, but like I said we will see if the weather people get it right.  In a bit the girls will be bundling up to go out and feed our horses - brrrr.  The horses are blanketed and have a shelter to go into, if they want.  Their hay gets their systems heated up, and over the next few evenings we will be giving them extra hay overnight as the temps are supposed to plunge to 8 degrees.

Inside it is toasty warm, thanks to our woodstove!  We have hardly used the heating system this winter, because the woodstove warms the house very well.  We rarely have had to turn the thermostat up from our overnight setting of 63 degrees, but the house will be 72-74 degrees!  That is a huge blessing to us!  

Yesterday, I wanted to post one of my girls' movies - but while Lindsay got it reformatted, she wasn't able to get it to load.  We will keep trying - it is so sweet.

I treasure these days with my young children and with my young adult children.  I feel so blessed, even on the crazy days!  


  1. We need to get propane. For some reason our automatic delivery isn't working out so well.

    I love having the fireplace going downstairs. It really makes a difference in the living and dining room areas.

    It makes the bedrooms colder though...because the heat doesn't run as you have that issue?

    See you...stay warm!


    I love when they say it is 16 degrees but feels like 8.... isn't that just 8 then? hahaha

    I have started going to a homeschool group, but we don't do a lot of stuff together. What kind of stuff do you do with your co-op?

    Have a good day and stay toasty in your house with your babies :)

  3. Wow and here in Ca we are having summer weather!!! I am actually enjoying the break from it being chilly, but I know it will get cool again soon. Stay warm and bundled!!

  4. I'm so glad you're able to stay toasty-warm, MrsRabe. Prayer heavenward for your continued safety throughout this winter storms.

  5. Brrr... chilly!
    That's great that you have a wood stove to help heat up the house!

  6. We went to the PA Farm Show yesterday. Had a great time. Have you ever attended? Yes, it is freezing outside today! Snowing like crazy!
    Ruth, PA

  7. Ruth,

    We have never gone to the farm show! I really wanted to go this year but it seems as if we won't make it again this year! Boo hoo!

    I am glad that you were able to go - my girls would love to see the horse events, like barrel racing. What was your favorite thing?

  8. The high is supposed to below zero here today..I'm praying for a "snow" day at school! Stay warm:>)


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