Saturday, January 17, 2009

Some Ponderings Of My Own

I just came from reading Brenda's blog.  She was sharing some of her ponderings about how the Lord has changed her outlook on things.

Some of what she shared made me think of my Mother in Law.  She called yesterday to chat about her new great grandson and some other things.  One thing you realize when you talk with her is that she is a busy woman...she is 87 years old...she makes me tired!

Now I find that balance is needed, but I so appreciate her desire to serve others and to go where she feels the Lord has sent her - the woman does prison ministry.

While I don't feel lead to prison ministry at this point in my life, I have gained wonderful perspective about serving others, being willing to do hard things, and being a willing for God to use me.

We are in different stages of our lives, she is retired and busier than ever working at the food bank, doing prison ministry, playing piano for a small church, playing piano for a group of retired missionary ladies who go to the nursing home weekly to sing and share....

I am in the middle of things here with a grown son, two nearly grown daughters and three younger kids.  I have 15 years of homeschooling ahead of me still, even though I am in my 15th year of homeschooling!  (I may fast track these younger ones! hee hee)

The Lord has grabbed a hold of my heart and given me a desire to serve others, practice hospitality, pray....I hope to do it in some form for the rest of my life.

There is never a perfect time in our lives, a time without difficulty and only good. I talked about that here.  I do believe that God may have different things for us at different stages of our lives.  

The key in all of it is to seek God, let Him lead  you in every area.  He has something for us to learn and do at every stage in our lives.


  1. You are so right....I can tend to get and stay in my own little(or big) RUT...and feel way to content, but feeling things really aren't what they should be.
    I will go read Brenda's post.
    There is hope for all of us.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, they really made me think of what I am doing for Christ in my life.

  3. Thank you for this post! I not only thought about what I am doing for Christ, but the great influences I have had from my Nana and Brook's grandparents. What a blessing to have them in our lives.


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