A Happy And Sad Day

Today, Lindsay is going to take her driving test.  This will be the second go at it, as at the first one she went up on the curb when parallel parking - this was so surprising as she is a terrific driver!  Please pray with us!

Today is also a Sad day - my family will be gloomy - Evan has to leave us today to head back home to California.  I know that for Miss Paula it is a happy day - her son is coming home!

We will miss you Evan!  Come back soon!


  1. I will be praying for your daughters driving test to go well and for a safe journey for Even.
    Love & Prayers,

  2. We want Evan to stay as well. Maybe we will arrive late at the airport. Ha It has been so much fun having him here. We love you Evan.

  3. Deanna: I believe with you for grace and God's favor upon Lindsay as she takes her test.
    Love, Jeanette

  4. Congratulations Lindsey!! WooHoo!!!

    Thanks from my heart for inviting Evan into your home. I do know he loves you all very much. There is a smile on his face when he is there!! I look forward to welcoming him home. But I also know he is young and if he chooses to return to PA then I know that is what the Lord wants for him!!
    I would come too and so would Kaitlin!!! hee hee!

    Thank cousins for hanging on him and loving him!!

    I know parting is hard for him, so pray for him!!


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