Waiting For Snow

We are anticipating snow today....

I am planning on Chicken soup for dinner using alphabet pasta.  The little ones get so excited when I do this!  I will also have Lindsay make homemade cornbread - Yummy!

In the meantime, Tim went and got hay for our horses and is currently unloading it in the shed.  He is going to go do firewood at a friend's house, and that means several children will be going along as well!

My projects for today will include some basic tidying around the house and then I plan to make a new blouse for Lindsay using this pattern

I am planning to make it in a red rayon blend that looks like linen.  I will be making view A with a few adjustments.  Normally I make the elastic waist but move it down to the natural waistline.  This time, Lindsay wants to try it without the elastic at the waist.  I am also thinking of doing the view D sleeve with out the wide ruffle.  That would make it a normal 3/4 length sleeve.  If Lindsay isn't interested in that we will do the regular sleeve for view A.

There will also be some reading and some knitting going on.  I am currently reading 
Persuasion by Jane Austen.  

For knitting, I have finished a scarf for Lindsay and am working on one for myself in red!  The yarn is so soft.

Well, I must get along with my day.  I pray that you will look at the ordinary things of life and see God's blessings.


  1. Sounds like a great day! Can't wait to see pictures of the blouse.

  2. And the wait for snow continues.

    Looking forward to seeing Lindsay in her new blouse.

    You've got me knitting and crocheting again. I have picked up the blanket I started for my mom a looong time ago. I also got a friend to teach me how to crochet granny squares for some other ideas I have, and in so doing, I also learned the shell stitch. Wow, soon I'll be crocheting up a storm. Maybe it will be the snow storm we're waiting for :)

  3. So was the snow waiting for me to leave?


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