What A Difference A Few Years Make!

I was looking at old photos on the computer today - it was so amazing to see how the kids have changed in just a few years.

Lindsay, Emily and Rachel with cousins, Jill and Kaitlin.  Rachel is now about the age Emily was in this photo!

My boys, Nate at 16 and Kyle at 5 months...

The whole family September 2005

The whole family Easter 2006

The whole family Easter 2004

It is sobering to realize how quickly time goes by.  I pray that God will remind me to be "present" every moment and to make the most of the days He gives to me!


  1. WOW!! Look at those pictures...a few years does make quite a difference doesnt it. Kids just grow WAY to fast...makes me kinda sad!! This was a fun post!! It really is sobering to think about how fast time flies and to take each day as a blessing and to tell those you love that you love them!!

  2. Those are great pictures! It is such a blessing to watch our children grow... even if it does happen all too fast!

  3. Great photos! Isn't it amazing how quickly the children change?

  4. I know, time really does go by so fast and they grow up so quickly!


  5. I think the girls are going to pass Jill up in height!! Fun looking at the pictures!

  6. Amen! Time sure does fly. It feels like they were babies just yesterday.

  7. You are so right...it is fleeting...each year goes by faster,why is that? The pictures tell the tale...this was fun.


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