Fewer Children - Better For The Economy?

I saw on the news that Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, wants 150 million dollars of the new 825 BILLION dollars of bailout money, to go to "family planning."  She says that fewer children will be better for the economy!

I wonder who Ms. Pelosi thinks will PAY for this tax dollars bailout?  I read statistics last year, that in the near future ( as all the baby boomers one of whom is Ms. Pelosi retire), it will be only 2 American workers paying Social Security Tax for every 5 retirees.  How long do you think it might take those 2 American Workers to decide that they cannot afford to foot the bill for Social Security for 5 retirees as well as pay tax to retire this enormous bailout bill? They are not being long term minded.  They are thinking only of what might help in the immediate, "we'll just tax the future generations". sigh...

The children being raised in this SELF oriented society, where children are a burden and too much work etc...will reap what their culture has sewn into them, when they decide that their are too many people living for too long ...and the culture of death goes from abortion to euthanasia.  

We have received a lot of comments from believers and non believers about our having 6 children.  Post moderns say "6 kids!  How can you stand it?"  They have been raised in the culture of death.  Baby boomers say to us " I wish I had had more children."  They were raised in the era of "don't have too many kids or you won't be able to give them everything they want!"  They regret that they worried about those things and didn't have more kids!

When believers take God at His word and trust Him, I believe that you will see a change in this land.  Where ALL life is valuable.  It is time for believers to come out of the culture and reject the "kids" are a burden mindset.  To reject the mindset that the elderly must be put away in nursing "homes".  They should be brought into our homes when no longer able to fully care for themselves.  They cared for us in our childhood and youth, we surely can make them at home in our homes, where they are not just a "patient", but a valuable member of the family!

My grandmother, who was the oldest of 9 children, was not a fan of me having more than just a few children.  She would always say "well, there's nothing I can do for you."  She came to realize however, that the Lord may have sent those 3 little ones just for her enjoyment - they were such a blessing to her.  Sarah and she were especially close.  Sarah our sunshiney girl, who shares joy where ever she goes, would sit with my grandma on her chair.  They would both be under a blanket and spent many joyous hours together talking and playing and watching the kind of movies they both enjoyed - the ones with animals talking and being funny!  God sent Sarah to bless her, and near the end of my grandmas' life she realized the blessing was from God - it was a way that He was showing her His love for her!

I feel sad, so sad for our nation.  I pray God's mercy on us.  The speaker of the house is simply reflecting the culture and what many, including Christians, believe.  Lord, help us.


  1. Oh, don't even get me started on this. I heard this yesterday and was disgusted. She wants to tag this birth control crape' onto the package. Women need help? We have to pay millions all of a sudden because women need BC? Government, get out of our business!

    Oh, we need to pray!! Lord HEAL OUR LAND!!

  2. Very sad! Poor woman was most likely told what a pain she was while growing up.

  3. I heard her say that on T.V. I'm telling you, you could have scraped my jaw off the floor! How sickening was my first thought.

    This was a great post and reflects my heart and thoughts as well.

  4. This just makes my heart so sad...to think that children are a "burden." Anyone who sees children/a precious life this way is not in the will of God. There are so many verses in the Bible about children and the love God has for them...and we should too. "His kingdom belongs to them..." "Let the children come to me, do not hinder them..." "Every child is a gift from above..." Oh I could go on and on!! This is just sad. ANd you are right Auntie Dee, there are sooooo many Christian parents with this mind set...

  5. Wonderful rant! So true.....I can't even believe all the nonsense that was hidden in this so called "stimulus package"~ And did you realize Nancy Pelosi has five children...go figure...makes no sense. All I know is that Americans will regret the choice that they have made in obama.

  6. Well put--so true that the outcome of such thinking is ultimately forced euthanasia of the old and infirmed when we serve Mammon instead of God.

    Sherry--Large Family Mothering


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