A Request From Lindsay

Lindsay has asked if she can graduate this year.  She has almost enough credits and if she works  a little bit harder, she could graduate.  She is certainly mature enough, she would still be doing studies next year, likely some online courses.  She wants to work with horses, so she could focus on more training for herself....She is eager to be on with her life...Tim and I are going to be praying about it.

Have any of you graduated your kids early?  Pros and cons? I am interested in hearing your stories.


  1. Oh, in her case I think it would be stellar! She would be graduated in name only because her focus would still be on learning. She would just have the pressure off so she could excel on her goals.

    Do pray and discuss it though. Only your family knows what is right for you.


  2. I had the chance to skip grades in school ad my parents did not approve. I wish they had let me. I ended up graduating from college early so that I could hurry up and get a good job and support myself better. (I supported myself totally through college because my family was poor.)

    The answer will come to you. She sounds like a responsible and level-headed young gal. Congrats for doing a great job raising her!


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