Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Farewell, President Bush

Thank you for your faithful service to our country.  Thank you that we have not suffered another attack on our homeland since 9/11.  Thank you for sticking to your principles, even when  your popularity plummeted.

To read the accomplishments of his first term go here.

To read the accomplishments of his second term go here.

Enjoy your retirement!


  1. Thank you for sharing this, MrsRabe. :o)

  2. Yes, Amen! I admire this man and his wife who suffered unjust, unwarranted criticism for trying to protect us and our babies. May our gracious Father vindicate him. The truth will always come out in the end.

  3. I REALLY like and appreciated this post. Thank you for honoring him the way you did.

  4. My feelings are sadness for his leaving. Watching him today tugged on my heart!!

  5. This needed to be said, and I thought this all day. I'm so glad that you posted this today.
    They were very gracious to the Obama's throughout this transition.

  6. God bless President Bush and his lovely wife, Laura! We are indebted to him keeping us safe and standing firm on his principles.

    Thank you for a great post.

  7. I'm glad you posted this. It seems the new President is getting so much encouragement from both parties, even those that didn't vote for him... that President Bush never received. There was no grace shown to President Bush by his opponents. I am still baffled by the people who just "hated him" from the get go and had to let us all know about it.
    I also wonder why all these other countries are so happy and celebrating? Why didn't they like President Bush? I, for one, will miss him too.
    God Bless you Mr. President.
    Lovely post.

  8. The whole transition was handled with such grace on both sides - a very proud moment.


  9. A friend told me to stop by here to see this post. It was a blessing for me to read this and I'm thankful you had the courage to post it. I have to say it was with a bleeding heart that I saw him leave yesterday, even though I'm determined to pray for the new administration. May the Lord have mercy on our needy land.


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