Prayer Request Update

Tim's mom had a doctors' appointment yesterday. He said, "She's lived a good, long life." 

He doesn't think she has too much longer, mainly due to her swallowing issues. Now time wise that could be months yet provided she doesn't have more strokes, or she doesn't get aspiration pneumonia due to her swallowing difficulties.

Tim's sister Virginia will be headed back to Missouri tomorrow and that will be very hard for her to leave. Esther may be moving Mom to her house, so they don't have to continue to pay extra for her living expenses, as mom's money is tight. It will make her care easier too, to have her at Esther's home.

We are trusting God and His good plan for Mom.

This is Jean and her kids, Dan, Virginia, Esther, and Tim.  There are two boys - Joey, and David - waiting for her in Heaven.  I know she's looking forward to seeing them again.


  1. May she live every single one of her intended days to the full. God loves her so very much. She has a beautiful family! Ongoing prayers...

  2. It is a sad thing for a family to go through, I know. But we have a Good, good Father who gives us strength to handle times like these. Prayers for your family.♥

  3. thinking of you and praying for strength in the days ahead

  4. I googled lots of videos about strokes and treatments when my Dad suffered. Back rubs and massages help ease Some discomfort. I am so very sorry that your mom in law had a stroke. I am so sorry. I'm glad that she will be at a family member's home to rest.


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